Author Topic: WV Permitless Carry Effective Date 5/24/16. . . VA Exec. Order  (Read 1977 times)

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West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has announced that the effective date of West Virginiaís Permitless Carry Law will be May 24, 2016. The previous date announced was June 5th. You can read his reasoning for moving up the date Here:

Virginia Governor McAuliffe issued an Executive Order in December 2015 banning firearms in all buildings under the control of the Executive Branch. Last week he Virginia Citizens Defense League President put out a letter concerning this and that the Governor has no legal grounds to post those buildings. You can read the letter Here:   This letter forced Brian Coy, the governorís spokesperson, to reply and he affirmed the order is a policy and if a gun owner is asked to leave at one of these locations, and didnít leave immediately the punishment would be trespassing. "If you enter a facility that's under the purview of this order, you'll be asked to leave or you'll deny entry. If you're respectful, that should be the end of the story," said Coy.

The above is just one instance of the VCDL taking up the cause for gun owners/carriers. There are other great state groups that are doing your bidding at the state level and making a huge difference. highly recommends if you are not a member of your state RKBAís Org you should join. They are doing the bulk of the work in keeping and expanding our rights to carry in their respective states. You can view a list of states and their RKBAís Org Here:  If you Organization is not listed please drop me an email at and we will add your Organization to the listing. 
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