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Nevada has removed Rhode Island from the list of states it honors. They have also added Virginia to the list of states they honor. I do not know what the changes were that caused them to remove Rhode Island or now list Virginia. I have been in contact with them as they had differences in the two listings two different state agencies put out. They did correct their listing as of the date they made the changes 4/29/16 but only removed RI and added VA to their DPS listing today 5/4/16.

West Virginia announced May 2 that they will now honor the Indiana Permit. It doesnít mean that much now as West Virginia will be permitless carry June 5th.  Even though West Virginia is going permitless carry their law still doesnít state they will honor all other states. Hoping next Legislative Session that is fixed. That law is also just a little different than any other states reciprocity law.

On May 2 the Tennessee Governor let Senate Bill 2376 become law without his signature. This bill will allow Employees of Public Higher Education Institutions to carry a concealed handgun if they have a permit. From what can find out those employees who decide to carry  must notify the local Police they plan to carry and other restrictions. at this time canít find a copy of the bill as passed only a first draft without amendments. Any assistance anyone can give us on obtaining an enrolled version of the bill would be greatly appreciated.  It does not become effective until July 1, 2016.

Tennessee  HB 2575 cuts the cost for a permit to  $100.00 and the permit will be valid for 8 years. Those applying for a Lifetime Permit will pay a total of $300. $100 for the regular permit plus a fee of $200 to make it lifetime. Training will also be valid for 1 year and not just 6 months. The bill as passed has different effective dates for different parts. Some parts immediately. Some July 1 and others when the state has the ability to process some items which could be as late as 1/1/17 before it goes into effect. Another bill reduces the age for application from 21 to 18. will update the Tennessee page as appropriate when more information becomes available on these changes.

Everyone who does any reading on gun rights has heard that Georgia Governor vetoed the Campus Carry Bill. This bill will be back next year and like West Virginia did with their permitless carry law will pass it early enough to at least have a vote on overriding the Governors veto. will be updated late this evening with the changes caused by Nevada dropping Rhode Island and Adding Virginia.
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