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Right after I posted this the KS AG Announced that New Hampshire will now Honor Kansas.

The Texas Governor signed the paperwork and Texas will now honor the Illinois License to Carry. This is a Unilateral agreement. Illinois will not honor Texas. This brings to twelve the number of states Texas unilaterally will honor. You can read Governor Abbots Statement on honoring Illinois Here:   The Texas DPS has not updated their listing of states they honor as of early this evening.

Starting after 1/1/17 South Dakota will start offering a Gold Permit along with their regular and Enhanced Permits. When I first read about it I thought the Gold Permit would be their NICs exempt permit. They are also going to make the Enhanced NICs exempt. The NICs exempt for the Enhanced Permit is not in place yet. There is a difference in Costs/Training Needed/Fingerprint Requirements and how many states honor each permit. You can see a chart the SD Sec. of State put out comparing the three different permits. The Regular and Enhanced Permits are being issued now. The Gold Permit will not be issued until 2017.                                                                       

The Alabama AG was contacted via petition for a violation of Alabama Posting Law. Seems Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport posted their Terminal as a no gun zone. The AG set them straight and the signs came down. Carry is allowed in the airport just not past Security. You can read the letter the AG sent to the petitioners here:

There is one item everyone needs to know about airports and the TSA.  It has been all over the news lately about a record number of guns being found in carry-on baggage. Donít try and carry a firearm through security! I forgot or I didnít realize it was in my bag is not good enough. You must know where your firearm is at all times. This is why I donít like off body carry. It could have happened but I have not read of any person trying to get through security with a gun on their person in a holster. Every story I have read is that it was in their carry on.  Yes you can take your firearm with you when flying but you must follow the rules and check it in your checked baggage. I have had no problems flying with firearms. You can see the rules by going here: will be updated with Texas Honoring Illinois and additional updates late this evening 4/29 or early 4/30.
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