Author Topic: Fighting with the Glock 43  (Read 1122 times)

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Fighting with the Glock 43
« on: April 12, 2016, 10:53:37 AM »
I own a Glock G43 and have written a couple of reviews regarding it (Of Calibers and Calipers Glock G43 vs. Glock G26: and
Glock G43 No Longer Wishful Thinking!:  While the Glock G43 is not my EDC, it is a perfectly fine pistol that I could throw in a cargo-pants pocket (with an appropriate holster, of course) or carry strong-side in the SHTF Gear holster that is made for it.  For me, the G43 is fine as it is (although I have added a Handall Jr. slip-on grip for a better purchase on the pistol) and I actually prefer shooting it over my Springfield XDs 4.0 9mm.

Anyway, the linked article brings out some points to consider if you decide that the G43 is worthy of "battle duty."
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