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WV Permitless Carry. . . SC Honors SD Enhanced
« on: March 05, 2016, 09:02:32 AM »
The West Virginia Legislature has overridden the Governors veto of the Permitless Carry bill. The effective date of the new law is late May 2016. The exact date has not been released yet. Anyone who can legally possess a firearm and is 21 will be able to carry a concealed defensive handgun in all places those with a valid permit can now carry. WV will also start issuing a Provisional Permits to WV residents only who are 18-20. They have to meet the same requirements as those with a regular permit. It expires on their 21st birthday and then they can renew their Provisional Permit for a regular permit the same way those with a regular permit renew.  Also removed in the bill was the restriction that those who are member of the United States Armed Forces, Reserve or National Guard could only carry while on duty. They removed the ‘While on Duty.” Looks to that after the law takes effect that anyone in the Active Military, Reserves or National Guard can carry at 18 to 20 with just their Military ID. More info on that will be available when the West Virginia page is updated when the new law takes effect. You can read the bill as passed at the link below.

The WV AG is very pro gun. A nice read is his press release that he put out the day after the House voted to override but before the Senate did.

Also Anti-Gunner Bloomberg and his groups spent 6 figures on ads etc trying to defeat the Permitless Carry bill in West Virginia. They failed!!

South Carolina now honors the South Dakota Enhanced Permit. This brings to five the number of states that only honor the South Dakota Enhanced. South Dakota went to a two tiered permit system to gain more reciprocity.

 There are a host of bills in other states that if they become law would loosen where and how people can carry their defensive firearm. will try to keep you updated on all major changes with similar posts. There are also some bills, mainly in the May Issues states that will put more restrictions on firearm owners/carriers.
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Re: WV Permitless Carry. . . SC Honors SD Enhanced
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2016, 10:43:35 AM »
Glad to hear this!

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