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Ruger SR1911 Model Number: 6739, 10mm Auto – Product Review

While the 10 mm cartridge’s  place in life still escapes me, I still wish to pursue it. I had reviewed the Springfield XDM-10 5.25 in this caliber. While the XDM is a fine pistol, a contention of mine is to … Continue reading

Ruger 9mm SR1911 (Model 6722) – User Review Taking Command with a "Commander" 1911

In 2011, in the year of the 100th anniversary of the M1811, Ruger presented a series of pistols that aligned with the John Moses Browning 1911 platform. Since 2011, Ruger has brought us three versions of their 1911 that typify … Continue reading

Ruger SR1911 vs. Springfield 1911 Loaded

One of the more popular things to do when deciding to buy a pistol is to compare what you want with similar pistols that are currently available. Both of the pistols in this review are considered “entry-level” pistols by some … Continue reading