The primary argument over the years was between the 9mm and the .45 ACP, and which was the best round for self-defense. Now, we see continuing arguments between the 9mm, .40 Smith and Wesson, and the .45 ACP with all … Continue reading

Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum, 4.20-inch Barrel, SS

I had owned a Ruger Redhawk in the past, but it was sold during hard times. It was one of those revolvers that I regretted selling, but I could not live in it, drive it, or eat it so it … Continue reading

Defenseless Moments

In every life there are moments where we are totally defenseless. We may be defenseless against verbal or physical assaults, abuse, accusations. We may feel unarmed, helpless, unprotected, caught, endangered, exposed, indefensible, naked, open, poor, unguarded, and/or weak. Where we … Continue reading

What the World Needs is a 45…

The 9mm has its short and long, as does the 10mm, so why not the 11mm? What are we, the red-headed stepchild? The 11 mm does, indeed, have a short and long. The short is the ever-popular .45 ACP. The … Continue reading

Glock G41 vs. the 1911

I am a 1911 type of guy, and I really like the .45 ACP cartridge for defensive use. As I consider other pistol platforms to review, the thought that a most excellent pistol other than a 1911 could replace my … Continue reading

The Altamont Company

When I discover a good product made by a good company in the U.S.A., and like it, I tend to stay with it, and I will promote it when I can. Such is the case with the Altamont Company, which … Continue reading

Falco Holster For Smith and Wesson “E” Series 1911

A112 HAWK, STABLE EASY ON IWB LEATHER HOLSTER Due to my past experience with Falco Holsters (FALCO 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster With Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver, Falco Holster Model 92 for 1911 Pistols, and Craft/Falco Holster Code … Continue reading


This article is not about what firearms I consider “Entry-Level” firearms, but rather why some firearms are referred to as “Entry-Level” firearms. “Most that buy entry-level guns are either buying their first gun, have little to no actual knowledge about … Continue reading


In the past, I have looked to Smith and Wesson for revolvers; and several have passed, and several have remained in my hands since then. There are way too many polymer pistol models to wade through (and I am not … Continue reading

Stressed to the Nines!

I have read and re-read quite a few articles, and watched quite a few videos on YouTube, regarding the “Top Nine 9mm Pistol”, the “Top Eight 9mm Pistols”, “The Top Five 9mm Pistols, etc., etc. With as many 9mm pistols … Continue reading