Where I Came From America

From my earliest recollection of where I came from becomes clearer the older I get. As a child we heard, but did not quite understand.  I can recall on more than one occasion hearing my Grandfather say, “I came to … Continue reading

Building Your Gear – 2 of 3, Planning a Kit

The previous article in this series is “Building Your Gear – 1 of 3, Shopping Skills”. We talked about shopping skills in the last article, now we will get into deciding what to shop for. The whole idea behind buying … Continue reading

The Right to Bear Arms – Openly

In California, the Governor recently signed a bill banning the open-carry of an unloaded firearm. As passed, this bill made it a misdemeanor for any person to carry an exposed and unloaded handgun outside a vehicle upon his or her … Continue reading

Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife – The Long Version

I had written a long review of the Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Short Knife. This is a short review of the Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Long (Large) Knife. I recently received the large version of the Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement … Continue reading

Will I know the Time?

(Author’s note: I have posted this in the past, but many may not have read it. I think that it might be a question all may have to ask at some point in time.) I recently read several articles about … Continue reading

Holdover, Hold-under, Hold off, Hold On!!

It has been stated that “Practical Accuracy” is the ability of a gun, cartridge, and the shooter to aim and fire at a specific target… and HIT that target reliably, at will, and with confidence. Can You Draw and Fire … Continue reading

The Ka-Bar TDI – Tactical Sense for Self-Defense

In the “Old West”, carrying a large fixed-bladed knife in a sheath was a matter of course. You might find the sheath carried on the belt or shoved into the belt or sash. The knives were large, sometimes had a … Continue reading

What I’ve learned as new “lefty” CHL holder

Back in May of 2010, I decided it would be a good thing to get a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) and be counted among the Americans who valued their second amendment rights. One of the first things I learned was … Continue reading

Building Your Gear – 1 of 3, Shopping Skills

My name is SARGeek and I’m a gear junkie. It is not an uncommon failing amongst geeks of various trades (science, computers, technical vocations, etc.) that we tend to be a little nuts about cool gear and will “Ooooh” and … Continue reading

With Some Things…

…goodby is not an option. When my ex-wife died, due to complications before surgery, she left with me a couple of things aside from her memory – a Dan Wesson Model 15 .357 magnum, a Marlin Model 39A .22 lever-action … Continue reading