Louisiana Reciprocity update

Louisiana has added three more states to its reciprocity list. The latest additions are Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Ohio. With these, this brings the number of states that recognize Louisiana permits to 38 ( 39 if you count Louisiana ). … Continue reading

Why Grandpa Carries a Gun.

Take the time to read this it does make a lot of sense also be sure to read the gun history at the end!!!! My old grandpa said to me ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when … Continue reading

For Iowa Citizens

WWW.IOWACARRY.ORG Now refered to as the Iowa Firearms Coalition…they, along with the NRA were instrumenntal in getting the permit to carry law passed here in Iowa and noe turning the focus to the ‘pre-emption’ issues and castle-doctrine type issues as … Continue reading

Pro CCW signs for Wisconsin store owners

Six Boys and Thirteen Hands

There are times that I run across articles that pause my thoughts or receive an occasional e-mail that begs to be shared. This is one of them and I would like to pass it on. Six Boys And Thirteen Hands … Continue reading

The Updated Version of a Bersa Thunder 45UC Review

A Bersa Thunder 45UC has been on and off my hip for well over a year now and has been my EDC even when I pondered the Glock G36 to replace it. For some reason, I am still carrying the … Continue reading

Doing What Mel Said…

I’d like to focus on another type of training, that is shooting at non traditional targets. There is no doubt that the standard silhouette target has an important place in training sessions. The law in Missouri requires that we use … Continue reading

Beyond Buckshot – The Rifled Slug for Self-Defense with the 20-gauge Smoothbore Shotgun

Shotguns are not everyone’s favorite weapon of choice when deciding what weapon is the “go to” device for protecting the castle or ourselves. First, they are unwieldy and awkward. They are loud and have a lot of recoil that, for … Continue reading

"International Invitation"

For those International readers of this blog we invite you to leave us a message or comments that tells us about yourself, and the country that you’re from.  Since we’ve started monitoring our International traffic status for the Guntoter Forum … Continue reading

Building Your Gear – 3 of 3, Substitutions and Interim Items

This is the third in my initial series on building up gear. For the earlier articles look here and here. As mentioned in earlier articles, you can sometimes substitute something you have or something that is less expensive to “hold … Continue reading