Building Your Gear – 3 of 3, Substitutions and Interim Items

This is the third in my initial series on building up gear. For the earlier articles look here and here. As mentioned in earlier articles, you can sometimes substitute something you have or something that is less expensive to “hold … Continue reading

Where I Came From America

From my earliest recollection of where I came from becomes clearer the older I get. As a child we heard, but did not quite understand.  I can recall on more than one occasion hearing my Grandfather say, “I came to … Continue reading

Building Your Gear – 2 of 3, Planning a Kit

The previous article in this series is “Building Your Gear – 1 of 3, Shopping Skills”. We talked about shopping skills in the last article, now we will get into deciding what to shop for. The whole idea behind buying … Continue reading

The Right to Bear Arms – Openly

In California, the Governor recently signed a bill banning the open-carry of an unloaded firearm. As passed, this bill made it a misdemeanor for any person to carry an exposed and unloaded handgun outside a vehicle upon his or her … Continue reading

Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife – The Long Version

I had written a long review of the Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Short Knife. This is a short review of the Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Long (Large) Knife. I recently received the large version of the Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement … Continue reading

Will I know the Time?

(Author’s note: I have posted this in the past, but many may not have read it. I think that it might be a question all may have to ask at some point in time.) I recently read several articles about … Continue reading

Holdover, Hold-under, Hold off, Hold On!!

It has been stated that “Practical Accuracy” is the ability of a gun, cartridge, and the shooter to aim and fire at a specific target… and HIT that target reliably, at will, and with confidence. Can You Draw and Fire … Continue reading

The Ka-Bar TDI – Tactical Sense for Self-Defense

In the “Old West”, carrying a large fixed-bladed knife in a sheath was a matter of course. You might find the sheath carried on the belt or shoved into the belt or sash. The knives were large, sometimes had a … Continue reading

What I’ve learned as new “lefty” CHL holder

Back in May of 2010, I decided it would be a good thing to get a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) and be counted among the Americans who valued their second amendment rights. One of the first things I learned was … Continue reading

Building Your Gear – 1 of 3, Shopping Skills

My name is SARGeek and I’m a gear junkie. It is not an uncommon failing amongst geeks of various trades (science, computers, technical vocations, etc.) that we tend to be a little nuts about cool gear and will “Ooooh” and … Continue reading