The “Other” 9mm Kurz

Most are familiar with the 9mm Kurz – the .380 ACP. Developed for semi-automatic pistols, the .380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) pistol cartridge is a rimless, straight-walled pistol cartridge developed by firearms designer John Browning. The cartridge head spaces on … Continue reading

Firearms Logistical Support

Integrated logistics support (ILS) is an integrated and iterative process for developing materiel and a support strategy that optimizes functional support, leverages existing resources, and guides the system engineering process to quantify and lower life cycle cost and decrease the … Continue reading

Real Avid The Gun Tool – A Product Review

I needed to clean out the firearm tool drawer all right! I have accumulated enough scrapers and screwdrivers, hex keys, pins and punches, sight pushers, and other sundry tools over the years. Most of which I use little. Most are … Continue reading

Gear Review – The Voodoo Tactical 15-0457 Stakeout Padded Concealment Bag

Rarely do I read a vendor’s description of a product that severely understates the product. Most vendors rant and rave about how their product is the best – and rightly, they should. What Voodoo Tactical says about the Voodoo Tactical … Continue reading

KA-BAR TDI Fanny Pack

I almost have as many fanny packs (waist packs) as I do holsters. Well, maybe not that many – but I do have several. One of the packs lasted about a year until the buckle gave out. Another is great … Continue reading

Magazine Carriers

It seems that, despite my best intention not to, I gravitate toward purchasing items that will help me either carry a pistol as covertly as possible or purchasing items that help me carry ammunition in the same manner. If I … Continue reading

Snap Shots

We normally equate snap shots with photography; a record of a split-second moment of time usually taken at an ISO setting of 400 for most of us. For the firearm’s operator; however, the term “snap shot” takes on a completely … Continue reading

Simply Rugged Cumberland (Versa Clip II) Holster

Moving back to the 1911-based pistol platform for self-defense, I decided to invest in a new holster for my EDC and went on a quest to find just the right holster. For the past several years I have been carrying … Continue reading

Product Review – Remora IWB Double Magazine Pouch

I recently received my new Remora Double Magazine Pouch. It had been on my list for a short time, as I have been looking for that “near perfect” means of carrying two spare magazines of ammunition without the bulkiness of … Continue reading

Keeping It in Check

Recently, and while traveling out of state, I realized that I have a tendency to “keep things in check.” Normally, when I am at home or at work, I try always to keep things in check, lest I find things … Continue reading