When You Leave Home…

… it begins to change with out you immediately. Moreover, when you go back it will be different. You can never go back to the home you left. While the physical aspect may be true, the imagery of home, however … Continue reading

Fend For Yourself?

It seems that all too often these days’ cities are going bankrupt. In some cases, and to alleviate the pressure of bankruptcy, cities and small towns are cutting back budgets for public safety. Police and Fire Departments enduring the most … Continue reading

Point/counterpoint – Self defense training

I am interested to read C R’s opinion on this point/counterpoint article. By no means am I an advocate to the “No Training” needed side, or that self defense training is not beneficial, but this article has some merit. We … Continue reading

Cold Steel Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick

Specifications: Weight: 28.2 oz. Head: 2 3/4″ Material: Polypropylene Overall length: 37″ Thickness: 1″ (Base) 1 3/8″ (Neck) Price: $61.99 (Cold Steel), $36.99 (Amazon) A “walking Stick’ is a fashionable stick that is more than a cane and that is … Continue reading

How do we think and why is it important?

Noticed this today: http://www.forbes.com/sites/work-in-progress/2012/05/15/10-brainteasers-to-test-your-mental-sharpness/ Why does this related to training and CCW? We put out scenarios hypothetical situations to run through all the time and ask each other about tactics, strategies, and methods. Our discussions on OODA loop and Hick’s … Continue reading

The Maxpedition OCTA VERSAPACK

“Possibles Bags” in the form of a waist pack (or “fanny-pack”) have been around for some time. The Maxpedition OCTA VERSIPACK is no exception. This product is just great. Online pharmacy no prescription? Our Online Canadian Pharmacy is also accredited … Continue reading

Why do we carry?

So why do some people carry concealed weapons? Some of the thoughts I’ve heard over the years include: “To protect myself and my family.” “When seconds count…the police are minutes away!” Because I can’t carry a cop. Every responsible citizen … Continue reading

Louisiana Reciprocity update

Louisiana has added three more states to its reciprocity list. The latest additions are Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Ohio. With these, this brings the number of states that recognize Louisiana permits to 38 ( 39 if you count Louisiana ). … Continue reading

Why Grandpa Carries a Gun.

Take the time to read this it does make a lot of sense also be sure to read the gun history at the end!!!! My old grandpa said to me ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when … Continue reading

For Iowa Citizens

WWW.IOWACARRY.ORG Now refered to as the Iowa Firearms Coalition…they, along with the NRA were instrumenntal in getting the permit to carry law passed here in Iowa and noe turning the focus to the ‘pre-emption’ issues and castle-doctrine type issues as … Continue reading