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LOK Grips – CZ75B Ω (Omega) – Product Review

I had previously installed a set of LOK grips on the Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded and really liked the results (read my review of them @ With that in mind, I ordered a second set for the CZ75B Ω … Continue reading

LOK Grips for the 1911 – User Review

After a recent training course, I decided to switch out my EDC (a Ruger SR1911CMD-A) and return to my old way of carrying a full-size 1911-based pistol for self-defense. No, there is nothing wrong with the Ruger and it performs … Continue reading

Springfield 1911 Loaded (PX1909LP) Review

There is the Springfield 1911 and there is the Springfield 1911 Loaded. Other categories are, of course, available to include the following: 1911 EMP® Model (9MM and 40SW) 1911 Champion™ Operator Lightweight Model (.45ACP) 1911 Mil-Spec Model (.45ACP) 1911 Range … Continue reading

CZ 75BΩ (Omega) Review

The popularity of 9mm pistols have brought about much advancement in the pistols that send 9mm bullets down range. The 9x19mm Parabellum, invented by George Luger in 1901, is considered as “the world’s most popular and widely used military handgun … Continue reading

When A Firearm is “You”

When was the last time that you felt a gun was, well you? You are carrying it, right. Or maybe, it is your house shotgun, your favorite MSR, or hunting rifle. What makes that gun, you? Perhaps, it is the … Continue reading

Bersa Thunder9 UC Pro (Matte Black) – A Look See

Bersa was founded in the mid-1950s by Italian immigrants Benso Bonadimani, Ercole Montini and Savino Caselli, all of them mechanical engineers. Montini worked for Beretta in Italy. Bersa’s early efforts at building firearms met with little success. Bersa; however, is … Continue reading

Ruger Charger – Old Review Update

The Ruger 22 Charger – Don’t Dodge This One! The Ruger 22 Charger has been in the Ruger menu for quite some time. I purchased one just to see what Ruger could do with a 10/22 action with a shortened … Continue reading

Rock Island Standard Compact (CS) 45

Whether you are looking for a range gun, a plinker, truck gun, house gun, or something to carry in .45 acp, Armscor/Rock Island may have a model that may interest you. I purchased one of the Rock Island Standard CS … Continue reading


I had purchased the REMORA DUAL ACCESSORY HOLDER (IWB) some time back during my search for a convenient and comfortable method to carry two spare magazines IWB. Remora products, in case that you are not familiar with them, manufactures holsters … Continue reading

Glock G43 – No Longer Wishful Thinking!

A Glock single-stack 9mm pistol was wishful thinking for many people. While the Glock folks were doing dirty little design deeds, those wishing to have a concealable single-stack 9mm were buying Smith & Wesson Shields, Kahrs, and Springfield compact single-stack … Continue reading