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Your First Steps… ...Into Self-Defense Pistol Shooting

—by M1911A1— Pistol shooting isn’t easy to learn, and it’s hard to do. If you just “have at it,” and go it alone, you will most likely end up frustrating yourself and learning nothing useful. In order to be successful, … Continue reading

The One Thing That You Really Need to Know… ...when you choose a concealed-carry holster

—by M1911A1— We all have our own ideas about what makes one holster more appropriate for self-defensive concealed carry than another. And consider all of the choices that you have to make: Inside the pants or outside the pants, high-ride … Continue reading

HOLSTERS Observations From Personal Experience

—by M1911A1— Choosing a holster is much like choosing a wife or a husband: There’s lots of candidates out there, but you need to find the one which truly satisfies most of your needs. Further, the one you choose needs … Continue reading

ULTICLIP A Gun Gadget Review

—by M1911A1— Wonder of wonders, here’s a gun gadget that actually does exactly what it promises to do! Not only that, but it’s pretty inexpensive, and it’s also pretty easy to install in a couple of different ways: It can … Continue reading

Thoughts About Self-Defense Pistols (but your mileage may vary)

—by M1911A1— If you ever have to use your self-defense pistol in real self defense, you will be in a panic. Your brain will not be functioning rationally. Your “small-motor” skills will disappear. Your fingers will feel thick as sausages, … Continue reading

The One That Got Away…and The One That Didn’t Personal History

—by M1911A1— 1. The One That Got Away: Martin B. Retting, the large and prosperous gun shop in Culver City, California, used to be located in West Hurley Village, in Ulster County, New York. In the summer, I used to … Continue reading

Through Darkest Interiors… (continued) More About Low-Light Shooting

—by M1911A1— Tom, a retired US Army officer with combat experience, suggests that I should include a few useful general observations on the art of low-light pistol shooting. I have accepted his input uncritically, in deference to his greater practical … Continue reading

Through Darkest Interiors With Gun and Flashlight The Harries Flashlight Technique

—by M1911A1— Full Disclosure: Michael A. Harries, inventor of the technique which bears his name and which was taught by him at Gunsite under Jeff Cooper, was my close personal friend and mentor. Mike died in late 2000, aged only … Continue reading

Relative Stopping Power (What is it, and why?)

—by M1911A1— Way back in 1935, Major Julian S. Hatcher published his Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers. It was so well written and documented that it’s still the definitive work in its field. You can get Hatcher’s book through the … Continue reading

How to Zero Your Sights (When you can’t hit the broadside of a barn)

— by M1911A1 — It’s the beginning shooter’s “Catch 22”: How can I zero a gun’s sights to a minute-of angle, when I can’t hold my shots within a minute-of-mountain? Well, here’s how. Zeroing works best when you eliminate as … Continue reading