Like many of you, I carry a pistol for the purpose of self-defense. By doing so, of course, there is a price to pay. That price is the weight of the firearm (with installed ammunition) and the carrying of at least one spare magazine that is stoked with backup fodder.

I have leather, Kydex, and hybrid magazine carriers and most of them do a fine job. For those of you (myself included) that carry a pistols intended for carry of a staggered magazine, the challenge of keeping a spare magazine low profile is sometimes as challenging as the minimizing the profile of the pistol – if not more so.

If you carry a Glock pistol, you well know that the Glock magazines are slightly wider than “normal’ magazines due to the outer polymer shell.  I have a friend that is a Glock carrier (thankfully that condition is not contagious) and I recently introduced him to Remora magazine carriers. Well, a version of the Remora double pouch carrier that I modified to suit my needs ( A recent visit to the Remora Holster website ( revealed that Remora Holster now makes a single magazine carrier with belt clip ( called the “2 in 1” CLIP/NO CLIP SINGLE MAGAZINE HOLDER.

A Remora Magazine Carrier holds magazines from .22 caliber to high-capacity magazines. That’s a magazine for a 14-45 1911 Pistol on the left.

The beauty of the “2 in 1” CLIP/NO CLIP SINGLE MAGAZINE HOLDER is that it features a detachable swivel clip, which means that you can carry a spare magazine OWB or IWB.  Because of the material of Remora holsters and magazine carriers, you have the lowest profile means of carrying a spare magazine possible with the exception of just carrying a magazine itself; the Remora conforms to the shape of the magazine and does not dig into the body like many Kydex magazine carriers when worn IWB.

The other beauty of the “2 in 1” CLIP/NO CLIP SINGLE MAGAZINE HOLDER is that you can carry a magazine from a .22 caliber pistol all the way up to a large staggered magazine like that for the Glock G21.

Snap On – Snap Off!

And, to expound on the ‘detachable’ part, the holster is a snap to use, because it incorporates a heavy-duty snap (go figure!) that allows you to detach the clip from the carrier. If you simply need a single-pouch magazine carrier that you can slip in a pocket, remove the clip. Snap the clip into place for OWB or IWB carry.

Allow me to digress a bit. When I tried my first Remora magazine pouch (the double pouch), the sticky texture seemed a good idea – at first.  The sticky texture, unfortunately, did not mean that the pouch would stay in place where I wanted it to stay in place, which was the reason for my adding a belt clip to the pouch, and which has worked out tremendously well.  When I carry a 1911-based pistol, the pouch is more than adequate for carrying two spare magazines. It is also handy for carrying two large-capacity magazines for when large capacity pistols are carried.  However, there are times when I only want to carry one magazine and without the bulk of a double magazine pouch that I could, of course, fill the empty pouch with a flashlight, my Buck 110 folding knife, or a couple of short Slim Jim snack sticks. When I discovered the Remora “2 in 1” CLIP/NO CLIP SINGLE MAGAZINE HOLDER, I knew that I had to try one out.

For IWB carry, I like to mount the spare magazine carrier on my strong side just before the carried firearm.  The right-front carry position was a result of my training as a LEO and the fact that I had a lot of equipment mounted on my duty belt on the left side (radio, PR-24 side handle baton, handcuff case, and whatever else I needed). Carrying spare ammunition was relegated to the right side and that is what I am used to. Others may carry on the left side either appendix or behind the hip. The short is to carry spare ammunition where you are used to carrying spare ammunition.

With the “2 in 1” CLIP/NO CLIP SINGLE MAGAZINE HOLDER mounted in my usual position, the Remora and magazine(s) is virtually undetectable as the magazine is compressed into the body and the Remora rides low. For compact magazines, the base of the magazine is just above the top of the trousers for easy retrieval. With longer magazines, of course, the base of the magazine is well above the waistband and just as easy to retrieve as the shorter, compact magazines, if not more so.

The clip of the “2 in 1” CLIP/NO CLIP SINGLE MAGAZINE HOLDER allows the magazine carrier to conform to the body in that it allows the pouch to find a ‘natural’ position against the body for maximum comfort.


  • Clip carry for IWB/pocket use.
  • A detachable swivel clip (detaches from the belt – not the pouch).
  • Compartment can accommodate a single stack .22 to a double stack .45ACP magazine, speed strip, small flashlight, or knife.
  • Remora material is black non slip for IWB/pocket carry.
  • Lining options includes standard black denier.

Note that the single pouch is also available, without a clip, for pocket carry.

I am highly satisfied with the Remora “2 in 1” CLIP/NO CLIP SINGLE MAGAZINE HOLDER and also my modified remora Dual Pouch Magazine Holder that, incidentally, nearly disappears in a cargo pants pocket. Remora also makes a triple magazine holder that I am interested in modifying (two clips) and evaluating.

Remora, of course, is not just about magazine carriers. Remora has a full line of goodies to include; holsters (IWB, OWB, and alternate carry), bags, women’s carry, and other accessories. It might be worth your time to check them out for quality carry products.

While the decision to carry spare ammunition is up to the individual and their comfort level or needs, carrying spare ammunition comfortably is a big plus.

About Taurian

Taurian is an Oath Keeper, veteran, former LEO and Defensive Tactics Instructor. Until retirement, Taurian had over forty-seven years of experience as a Technical Writer and Training Program Developer. After leaving home at the age of ten without any shoes, Taurian continues on with many years devoted to the keeping and bearing of arms.

3 Responses to REMORA “2 in 1” CLIP/NO CLIP SINGLE MAGAZINE HOLDER It’s a Snap to Use!

  1. oldranger53 says:

    Good product review, as usual!
    I own a couple of mag holders very similar to these, although not made by “Remora”.
    I found them to be very comfortable inside the waist band, however, if for some reason I needed to be horizontal for a time, the magazines had a tendency to fall out onto the ground, or floor, or ????
    Because of that, I began putting a rubber band around the mouth of the mag holder(s), just for some extra friction on the magazine. So far that has solved the issue I was having.
    I will go back and read more carefully, but I don’t remember reading if that was an issue for you as well.
    Again, great review!

  2. Steve says:

    Hmmm… Interesting!
    Might be just the thing for our .380 magazines, in cargo pockets in my case, and clipped to pants waistbands for Jean.
    The “stick-to-it” concept of the Remora material just doesn’t inspire me with confidence, but the combination of the clip and the softening of hard edges that you report for the pouch does make me sit up and take notice.

    We’ll have to try one or two of them.

    • Taurian says:

      I agree with you, Steve. The outer material of the Remora magazine pouches did quite gain my confidence, which is why my clip modification to the double pouch. I have been carrying the single pouch since I received them in; they are very comfortable with an 8-round 1911 magazine. I carry it just forward of the hip on the strong side and it tucks away very nicely.

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