FALCO 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster With Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver

FALCON Model 92 IWB Holster (Outside View). Notice how the curve of the trigger guard is continued on the holster.

FALCON Model 92 IWB Holster (Backside View)

The FALCO 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster with Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver was delivered after a five week wait while the holster was being manufactured. While the Kimber K6S was not without a home, as it could reside in a CBST holster for the Ruger SP101, I felt that the K6S should have a home of its own. The FALCO 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster with Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver was ordered, as was a CBST holster that would be set up for cross-draw carry. However, let me talk about the FALCO 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster with Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver.

I should note at this point, that the holster was ordered in dark brown (for better concealment) and for a 3-inch barreled Kimber K6S (my version of the K6S has a 2-inch barrel. More on that later).

I have several holsters by Falco, a shoulder rig and FALCO Model 92 IWB holster for the CZ75B and a FALXO 92 IWB holster for a 5” 1911-based pistol. All holsters are, of course, for semi-automatic pistols. A good IWB holster for the Kimber K6S would be a good find and I hoped that the FALCO 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster with Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver would not disappoint.

If you have read my precious articles regarding FALCO holsters, you may already know that

FALCO Holsters has been in business since 1989 and the U.S. sales office is at 2972 Columbia St Ste 10005, Torrance, CA 90503-3806.  Manufacturing; however, is in the Slovak Republic.

The holster is made of premium leather and it is designed for everyday use concealed beneath the clothing. This simple design is very stable and extremely comfortable. The widely spread loops make this model extremely stable and the holster can be put on and removed without taking off your belt. The reinforced holster opening is designed for ease of reholstering. Security is provided by an adjustable tension screw. 

  • Open muzzle design
  • Concealed beneath the clothing
  • Two belt loops for perfect stability for belt width 1,6 inch / 40 mm or 2 inches / 50 mm
  • Double stitching
  • Deep hand molded leather
  • Lacquered leather
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Available in black, dark brown, mahogany or natural color
  • Available in left and right-handed design
  • 5-year limited warranty

With the enormity of hybrid and Kydex holsters available today, it is still good to know that “old world” leather holster makers are still around, and a five-year warranty on their holsters doesn’t hurt either.  Most leather holsters, if well-taken care of, will last for generations. But, let’s take a look at the holster itself.

The two belt “snap” loops are nicely spaced to provide the best stability for the holster inside the waistband, and stability should be one of your prime factors when selecting an IWB holster.  The belt loops are inserted between the trousers and the belt, then looped around the belt, and then snapped into place at the top; securing the holster as best as possible within the trousers.  Although the back of the holster, the part that presses against the body, is smooth leather, I have experienced no “slippage” of the holster when worn.

The reinforced mouth helps to mitigate holster collapse due to the pressure of the waistband against the holster when worn IWB.  The reinforced mouth; however, is not metal reinforced. I have had (so far) no issues with this type of FALCO holster with semi-automatic pistols. A revolver holster of this type could present a challenge when attempting to holster the carried firearm one handed, and may require a two-handed holstering technique.  With that said, OWB holster like the “pancake” style are susceptible to slight collapse and usually require a two-hand holstering technique.  I’ll touch on that later.

The cant of the holster is a FBI cant and the depth of the holster inside the waistband positions the firearm as low as can possibly be with this type of holster.  Because it is an IWB holster, no securing strap or thumb-break is provided (with an OWB holster, a thumb break is one of my requirements). The firearm is carried tight against the body and is (normally) concealed under clothing until it needs not to be.

The double stitching is excellently done throughout the holster, and the open bottom provides for the carrying of longer barrel revolvers, although the holster is intended for the 2-inch barrel of the Kimber K6S revolver.  Not so incidentally, the muzzle and front sight of the Kimber is fully protected by the holster.

A tension screw is located in the trigger guard area, but I feel it is unnecessary as the holster provides a tight fit for the firearm. The holster, when new, did not require a break-in for a perfect fit with the carried firearm. Most times, break-in is performed by enclosing the firearm in a plastic bag and forcing the firearm into the holster for a period of time.  With a holster designed for a revolver, the tension is primarily with the cylinder area of the revolver. Normally, I will use a product like “Draw Ez” from Galco to treat the contact areas of the holster, which helps to smooth the leather in the contact area.  Surprisingly, this holster needed no break-in, nor applying “Draw Ez,” and it was a perfect fit at the get go. I began carrying the combination for a few days.

One-handed holstering of the Kimber is doable – at least for now. As the holster is subjected to the pressure of the belt/waistband, that may change in the future. Only time and use will tell.

I have to say that, with the exception of my CBST for the Ruger SP101, the 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster with Open Muzzle for the Kimber K6S Revolver is the most comfortable of carry that I have experienced for a revolver of diminutive size.  I have no concerns with the holster rotating within the pants (as I have experienced with some revolver IWB holsters) and the Kimber/holster almost melts into my carry side. I have; however, noticed one difference between the FALCO holster and the CBST holster. With the CBST holster, the revolver must be rotated inward within the trigger guard area slightly to remove the tension between the trigger guard and the Kydex shell. Although, drawing the revolver without twisting can be done, there is the slightest hint of resistance as the trigger guard is release from the shell. With the 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster with Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver; however, the draw stroke is smooth and without a hitch to the ‘git.’

The 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster with Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver will be a perfect option for carrying the revolver as my “primary’ carry; whereas, the CBST set up for cross-draw carry (primary or back-up) will be just fine, as I am still fortunate enough to have adequate reach (over my somewhat expanded mid-section) for drawing the revolver from my strong side, and the revolver can be also drawn with my left hand if need be (a different technique as the cross-draw carry positions the butt of the revolver forward).

Lastly, you might ask; “Why order a holster that is an inch longer than the barrel of the revolver?”  That is a good question to ask, by the way.  The reason behind this is two-fold. First, with the barrel of the K6S being shorter than the holster depth, the muzzle are fully protected. Second, if I decide to purchase the Kimber K6S in a 3-inch barrel, my holster base is already covered.

I also know that you might be curious about if the Ruger SP101 .357 magnum with 2.25-inch barrel fits the 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster with Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver. Yes, yes it does – perfectly. In fact, the 3-inch version would as well.

Incidentally, if you receive your FALCO holster, and ordered it through the FALCO website, the holster comes packaged in a nice zip-lock bag.  If you look on the rear of the bag at the bottom, you will see the manufacturer information: FALCO SK, s.r.o., Zigmundsachta 13, 96901 Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia. Further, you will receive  a nice  packet with your invoice in a protective cover that you could place in a binder, and which is printed partially in Slovak. My adoptive Mother was from Hungary, which lies South of Slovakia that, by the way, is a U.S. ally. If your curiosity is aroused, you can read more about Slovakia @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovakia. The country has a fascinating history.


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