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Through Darkest Interiors… (continued) More About Low-Light Shooting

—by M1911A1— Tom, a retired US Army officer with combat experience, suggests that I should include a few useful general observations on the art of low-light pistol shooting. I have accepted his input uncritically, in deference to his greater practical … Continue reading

Through Darkest Interiors With Gun and Flashlight The Harries Flashlight Technique

—by M1911A1— Full Disclosure: Michael A. Harries, inventor of the technique which bears his name and which was taught by him at Gunsite under Jeff Cooper, was my close personal friend and mentor. Mike died in late 2000, aged only … Continue reading

Working the (Trajectory) Angles – Part 2 (More Projectile Dysfunction)

In my original article, “Working the (Trajectory) Angles?” I mentioned something called the “Natural Zero” and I would like to expound on that a bit in this article. In the article, I stated that: “The “natural” zero of any firearm … Continue reading

Working the (Trajectory) Angles? (Projectile Dysfunction?)

A while back I had purchased a Rock Island Armory FS 1911 Tactical in .45 ACP. I took it to the range (after cleaning and lubricating it properly) (See, Rock Island Armory (Armscor) 1911 FS Tactical (2nd Generation) – Owner’s … Continue reading