ULTICLIP A Gun Gadget Review

—by M1911A1—

Wonder of wonders, here’s a gun gadget that actually does exactly what it promises to do! Not only that, but iUltiClip 01t’s pretty inexpensive, and it’s also pretty easy to install in a couple of different ways: It can either slip in or screw on.

Ulticlip is an accessory for use with breitling replica clip-on holsters, mostly of the inside-the-pants (IWB) persuasion. It’s a strong, clamp-on clip that’s mechanically related to the clips you use to attach suspenders to pants. Ulticlip replaces the slip-on clip that the holster’s manufacturer provided. Once secured, it holds onto your waistband with ferocious tenacity, and it won’t let go until you want it to. Ulticlip’s clamp traps both holster and waistband into one solid unit. Nothing slides. Nothing pulls free.

Installation is pretty easy. The attachment-point dimensions are an industry standard, so this gadget will fit almost any applicable holster. (My wife’s Galco IWB holster is an exception.) Usually, the holster’s original clip can be wiggled up and pulled out, and the Ulticlip slid down into the vacated space. If the attachment-point is tight, the Ulticlip itself can be used as a tool to simplify the process (for which, see the helpful on-line videos at the Ulticlip website, https://ulticlip.com).

I installed an Ulticlip into a Gould & Goodrich leather IWB holster for a S&W J-frame, 2″ revolver. I had to use the Ulticlip as a tool, to help free Gould & Goodrich’s original clip (which hadn’t worked to my satisfaction). Inserting the replacement Ulticlip began as an easy force-fit. However, the very bottom of the Ulticlip was just a tiny bit too long for Gould & Goodrich’s clip fitment, so the Ulticlip’s retention bump just barely made it into place. Getting it to sit right took a fair amount of force, plus the use of a smooth butter-knife blade to press the rolex replica leather down around the retention bump. It all went together in the end, though.

UltiClip 02I was wearing pants which didn’t need a belt, and the modified holster slipped into place at about “3:30” without requiring me to undo anything. Pressing down with a reasonable amount of force clamped the Ulticlip, and then I added the revolver. At first, I just wore the combination as I went about my daily chores. Then I sat in a comfy chair for a while and read a magazine. Next, I drove to our village to do a little bit of shopping. Later, while making dinner, the holster got pressed against kitchen counters and was treated to the inside view of me squatting down to put food into the oven. During all of this, the holster rotated just a little, as clipped-on holsters will, but otherwise, nothing moved. The Ulticlip held firm.

At the end of the day, pulling upward with a reasonable amount of force unclamped the Ulticlip, but the holster didn’t come away easily. The Ulticlip’s teeth had to be wiggled off of my pants. But still, no clothing had to be undone or removed to get it off. Had I been wearing a belt, the Ulticlip would’ve been under it, and the belt would’ve had to have been opened in order to remove the holster.

On the second day, I tried some presentations. Throughout the test, the Ulticlip held firm and remained unmoving. The only motion I noted was an occasional small amount of rotation permitted by the flexible fabric of my pants. No matter: the holstered gun was always exactly where I expected it to be. All practice presentations were smooth and uncomplicated. The Ulticlip did its job very well indeed, and worked exactly as it was supposed to.

Just for fun, I switched the holster to my left side, and clipped it to the hublot replica outside of my pants (OWB). Everything still worked pretty well. The Ulticlip held on tight and never moved. However, no longer trapped between pants-waistband and me, the fabric allowed the holster to twist a lot more. I suggest that a single Ulticlip is not well suited to OWB use.

UltiClip 03

There are two slightly different versions of the Ulticlip. The one I tested is mostly meant to slip into the space that otherwise would hold the holster manufacturer’s own clip. However, it also has a hole at the bottom of its slip-in tab, so it could easily be attached to holsters which use a screw-on clip. The other version, the Ulticlip 3, is to be attached exclusively with a screw or a rivet, and is aimed more at holster manufacturers than at end users like us. Either one could be used with hybrid holsters (for instance the Crossbreed) most of which require two Ulticlips, or with any of the all-Kydex IWB holsters on the market.

Both versions, Ulticlip or Ulticlip 3, cost $11.99 each, shipping included. The maker seems to prefer on-line orders, which can be placed at https://ulticlip.com. You can send mail to Ulticlip; 10627 South Homan Avenue; Chicago, Illinois 60655. The phone number is 1-239-400-CLIP.

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