South Carolina Concealed Carry Permit – Shut out

If you are from a state South Carolina does not like (as far as concealed carry), then your only choice is to purchase property in South Carolina, then get your 8 hours of approved training, your concealed carry form filled out by the Assessors office stating that you own real property in the Great state of South Carolina, then apply for your non-resident concealed carry permit.  SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) links are here.

Here is my story.

My wife’s family lives in South Carolina. When we go visit I wanted to be able to carry. You never know when some BG (Bad Guy – or Gal) will try to kill you and/or your family just to get something that they want from you.

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Like these videos here, who would have thought that they might come so close to death over a purse?

Snatch and Grab – no regard for life.

Grabbed her arm and drug her for 30 ft, mom of a 3yr old who is buckled in the moms car!

Covertly rob at gun point?

If they will do crazy stuff like this, what do you think more desperate or depraved people may do?
It is up to us to be aware of what is going on around us – to be ready to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Take some time and money, get the training to help you and your family protect yourselves.


First I went to several Reciprocity websites to see if South Carolina honored the Great state of Alabama’s concealed carry permit. ALL of them said the permit was not honored! No problem, I said, many people just get a Non-resident permit. So I went to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) website. I clicked on the Non-Resident CWP form. All that is there is an form for the tax Assessor to fill out saying you own property in South Carolina. With a little exploration of the SLED website, I found that you have to own property in South Carolina to get their NON-Resident concealed weapons permit. That made that impractical!

In my searches, I found that people were using non-resident permits from other states to cover several states their resident permit did not cover. That sounded like a good idea, so I searched and tried to find an good non-resident permit that would cover South Carolina. While looking at the Florida non-resident permit I found out that Florida and South Carolina do not honor any permit that is not a resident permit. (You have to live in the state that issued the permit before they will honor it.)

This new revelation shows that South Carolina has blocked all avenues for US citizens that want to travel thru its borders exercising their rights under the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. It seems that to them the Constitution did not put enough limitations on said freedom. If you are in a state that upholds the second amendment without requiring 8 hours or more of training, fingerprinting, extensive medical checks, and other back ground checks, then South Carolina will NOT recognize your permit. They do not even allow you to jump through all their hoops and get a non-resident permit. The way they achieve this is by requiring you to own property in South Carolina before you can concealed carry a gun.

Therefore they have all the states they will not honor locked out.

Just a note, I am for training. It is good to learn and practice life saving techniques, both with and without a gun.   I feel South Carolina should make it so that people that want to jump through the hoops to get a SC permit should be able to take the classes, go through the hoops, pay for the permit – not make it unreasonable to achieve this level of protection while in their Great State.

This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it (unless shown otherwise).

Robert Harvey – Alabama

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4 Responses to South Carolina Concealed Carry Permit – Shut out

  1. John says:

    Robert that is crazy!! According to the Reciprocity info they will honer each others Concealed Carry. Makes no sense to me.

    A good friend of mine has been wanting to get his CHL here in Texas. He was checking on the price and; who Texas honors and; who honors Texas permits. He found out that he can get an out of state carry permit from Virginia that Texas honors and he does not have to even have A Texas carry license and he is legal to carry concealed in Texas at over half the cost that A Texas license would have cost him. He can do every thing over the internet. This I do not agree with. I thing one should have to have a state carry where their legal residence is and; then get out of state permit if they so choose.

    • Coastie says:

      I agree with John. One should be required to under go whatever their state requires for a permit, in that state. Getting everything on the Internet without having to meet any one, like the range officer who qualified us that we can shoot, to the finger printing tech is the norm. Something like this could be used against carriers in the future by the antis…

    • rharvey says:

      It is good they recognize several other states permits, but not any of the non-resident permits.
      They have their own non-resident permit, but you have to have property in their state with your name on it before you can get a non-residents permit.

  2. Dhunter says:

    I am a Maryland law enforcement officer and I really don’t need a permit but I have several just in case I go to a state where some good ole boy wants to question my right to carry in his state as a law enforcement officer. double my protection. anyways I have a Virginia non resident permit and Virginia does require you to submit a range certificate from a certified instructor saying you have passed the range and are proficient with the weapon before they will issue you a permit.

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